Breaking Down the Barriers

3D/CGI Print

For Priority Research Ltd, I was asked to design a set of handouts that would be used inside an information pack, handed to delegates at the 2010 Health & Social Care event.

It had been requested that the style of each insert should have a folder type look, where each page was a tab and that a ‘key points’ area was essential. Part of the content provided by PRL, included title headers ‘The Problem’, ‘The Challenge’ and ‘The Solution’ so a traffic light colour scheme was used, one page and one colour for each of the aforementioned titles.

We used cg characters from a previous project, along with imagery such as software screenshots and product shots. For one image we used Adobe Photoshop to clean and manipulate both a screenshot and product shot, giving the impression that the hardware was in use.

Finally, a ‘licensing and pricing’ page was designed and incorporated. This page needed to be simple and straight forward, whilst still presenting detailed information. We used a block stepped graphic (using the main colours in their logo) to show the different levels of licensing.

Here is a link to the final Breaking Down the Barriers PDF: Breaking Down the Barriers

The front and back pages were eventually used as the designs for an A4 presentation folder, in which the sheets were collated and handed out to delegates.