Fragmented Communities

3D/CGI Print

For Priority Research Ltd I created a striking image, using 3D puzzle pieces, for the front of their ‘Fragmented Communities’ flyer.

For the ‘community’ part of the project we compiled stock photos of different people, a range of ethnicities, differing ages and compiled them into a large 3 row by 3 column image.

To depict the fragmentation, we used Lightwave 3D Modeler to design 3D/CG puzzle pieces and image mapped the 3×3 community compilation onto each piece.

Using Lightwave 3d Layout, we arrange each of the puzzle pieces in such a way that they appear to be falling apart. A floor was added to collect shadows and give the impression of height.

The head of marketing for PRL was very impressed with the finished comp and it was incorporated into their final flyer, printed and distributed to over 400 UK local authorities and Community Safety organisations.