Plasticine People

3D/CGI Print

We were asked to design images for inclusion in Priority Research Limited’s – Health and Social Care conference pack.

The conference theme was centred around ‘High Quality Care for All’ and the pack would be used to inform Hospitals, GP practices and Local Health Authorities about the changes in legislation that could affect their budget, if they couldn’t find new ways to engage with ‘all’ their patients.

PRL had developed a tool that could engage with different patient groups, including hard to reach groups like young children, the visually impaired, patients who do not speak English as their first language and wanted the designs to focus on such groups.

I decided that plasticine people or characters with different colours, poses, props would be able to depict these hard to reach groups, without causing offence to the audience.

After a couple of meetings, we agreed on the types of characters and we set to work on modelling them in Lightwave 3D.

After presenting a render showing all the characters side-by-side, I was asked for a separate image whereby the characters would be ‘fenced off’ from a set of other plasticine characters. I designed a fence like barrier and placed the characters inside. To emphasise the hard to reach characters’ differences, choosing to colour all characters outside the barrier grey.

The final image of the plasticine people were rendered in Lightwave3D. PRL then requested a folder design, that would be used to store each individual information sheet.

Over 2000 people attended the conference and further packs were distributed through PRLs mailing lists.