From pencil sketches to prototype product

How do we go from concept to creation?

Sometimes our clients come to us with nothing more than a pencil sketch, moodboards or an idea written down on the back of a cigarette pack (okay, maybe not the last one).

Through the use of CGI, we’re able to turn these ideas into models, which can be used to produce rendered images or sequences.

This gives our clients the ability to showcase their ideas, before they’ve even hit the production line and allows them to present their ideas to investors or manufactures.

For Durts Workwear, the starting point was for the client to present their ideas and designs for a new type of fashionable, rugged, hard-wearing work boot.

We were given pencil sketches and examples of other footwear currently used by walkers and climbers. From this, we created 2D mock-ups of the designs and presented them to the client.

The next stage involved us creating a 3D mesh of the boot designs. We produced several views of the new model, so that the client they could give feedback and changes.

After the model was signed off, we moved onto the texturing process. Using Lightwave and 3DCoat, we were able to create photorealistic textures (e.g. rubber, mesh, laces).  With the textures all in place, we rendered out a turntable of shots, so that the client could see all possible angles.

The final renders were used by the client to show potential manufactures what the client had envisaged.