Product Visualisation Lanyard for OH Assist

3D/CGI Product Visualisation

When OH Assist, a leading UK-based occupational health care service provider, wanted to show a potential client how their branded merchandise would look if it were to go into production, they turned to RSL Designs.

As part of their wellness programme, OH Assist’s Occupational Health Information Lanyard is given to employees. Each plastic pouch contains vital information (including contact phone numbers, warning signs, what to do in an emergency) which helps an employee to feel good and function properly in the workplace.

Using Lightwave 3D, we modeled all of the separate parts of the lanyard, including the strap, clips and plastic pouches. UV texture maps were created and we worked with OH Assist specialists to create the content for each informational pouch. We joined all the pieces together in Lightwave layout and to give the lanyard a more authentic look, we used a Morph map to create bends and turns in the straps.

Finally, we rendered the image with an office desk backdrop and used Photoshop for post processes e.g. vignette and Depth of Field.

The final product visualisation was so convincing, that a member of the OH Assist team thought that the lanyards had actually gone into production.