For The Rangers – Rhino artwork

Logo design / Brand Print

Having worked with Dot and Don Creative in the past, we were asked to create a range of prints for their client ‘Beyond the Ultimate’ and specifically the ‘For Rangers Ultra’ event.

Each design needed to adhere to the look and style of their previous events imagery. As ‘Save the Rhino’ are their official event partner, we looked at ways in which we could combined the two elements.

For the Rhino, we took a 3D model of a Rhino, simplified the geometry and then used Affinity Designer to paint over the resulting polygonal structure.

The event consists of 5 stages, along mountainous terrain, so we decided to include that into the final designs by making specific spikes on the polygonal Rhino stand out and assign each one a stage number.

Finally, we decided for the t-shirt designs, that the names of the 5 individual stages, along with a trail that closely resembled the actual route taken by the competitors, would appear alongside the main design.