SL Mould Polishing

3D/CGI Logo design / Brand

When an expanding mould polishing company required a logo rebrand, they looked towards RSL Designs for assistance. SL Mould Polishing was also in the process of attaining Limited status and this was something the client requested be included in the new logo. The client also wanted to retain some of the features from their previous logo, with elements taken from images of injection moulds.

These types of moulds are predominantly metal, so the task was to reproduce vector imagery that included life-like reflections. Lightwave 3d was used to create 3d models from initial draft sketches. This method allowed us to place the resulting model into real world lighting situations, so that we could test reflections.

Once the client was happy with the look of the mark, we moved the rendered image into Adobe Illustrator and turned the rastered image into vector shapes and gradients, whilst still retaining the look of the rendered version. The final part of the design was to find a font that would complement the mark and work for their specific business sector.

After the client had signed off the final version, we created variations of the logo.

Finally, we worked closely with a local signage company in the creation of signage for the client’s new office.