Startled Penguin – logo design

Logo design / Brand

When talented artist and canvas creative Jenna Rumley wanted a name and logo for her new company, she turned to RSL Designs.

The client presented a list of keywords and some guidance towards the creations, along with potential company names. With that in mind, we set to work on the initial pencil sketches.

Having presented a number of pencil sketched ideas and after several video conference calls, it became clear that the client wanted a design that stood out from the rest, that didn’t conform to the norm.

We suggested something a little more ambiguous and whilst having this conversation, the client glanced down to see a notebook. On the front cover was an illustration of a large number of penguins, one of them with a startled look.

And that is how Startled Penguin Creations was born.

We presented further designs to the client (including logos with some of the elements the client wanted visible in the final piece) from which they whittled the selection down to the final two.

The final part of the process was to agree the font and wording that would accompany the logo.

To see some of the amazing artwork available from Startled Penguin Creations, please follow them on Facebook: