Stationery visualisation

Print Product Visualisation

Not only were we able to design a colourful set of stationery for a mobile beauty therapist, but by using 3D/CGI we were able to show the client how their brochures and business cards would look in the real world – stationery visualisation!

Working with just the company logo, we incorporated stock imagery of facials, beauty treatments and placed them on a double sided, tri-fold document. The pose of the female model’s arm in one image was used as a guide for the vector colour fill, which would hold the logo and client information.

Using Adobe InDesign, we set-up and styled just one menu item and exported it’s structure as xml. We then incorporated all of the available treatments into a database, exported to xml and matched up both xml files. Returning to InDesign, we were able to import the populated xml file, resulting in a fully styled list of treatments.

Stationery visualisation set-up

Finally, using Lightwave 3D, we set-up, textured and rigged one brochure, cloned and manipulated to give a broad visual representation. Business cards were also added to the final comp and with that stationery visualisation was achieved.

Do you require a brochure designed for your company or business? Would you like to be able to see your final designs, as they would appear in the real world, before going to print? Then please feel free to contact us, using the contact page link above.