Swat Taekwondo flyer design

Logo design / Brand Print

To drive new registrations for Taekwondo classes, SWAT Taekwondo ask us for a flyer design, which would be distributed throughout the local area.

The brief requested the flyer design incorporate a Taekwondo style colour scheme (and there previously used type) to include information about all available class types (self-defence, one-on-one training, anti-bullying, corporate training, etc.) whilst emphasising a fitness and fun element to Taekwondo classes. The client also required a new logo for their ‘Dyno Mites’ classes, aimed at younger age groups.

Club imagery was limited, so photo-shoots spanning three classes, and one regional competition, were undertaken. The client picked from a range of shots, for inclusion in the final flyer. A mini website gallery was also created, whereby current students could request hi-res images from any of the photoshoots.

The flyer was distributed through schools, local clubs, restaurants and supermarkets, assisting in a noticeable increase in class numbers.