Using CGI to explain FireBlox™ cavity barriers

Explainer videos play a pivotal role in marketing and explaining your products or processes.

At Grayson GB Ltd, we were tasked with creating an explainer video that elucidated the advantages of using their FireBlox™ cavity barrier.

During an initial planning meeting with their Managing Director and Sales & Marketing Director, we gained a deep understanding of the processes and methods used to install the cavity barrier.

We crafted a storyboard to visually convey how each part of the process would be presented to the client.

Subsequently, we created the entire set in 3D and modeled all the assets, including a 3D representation of the FireBlox™ cavity barrier.

Using the storyboard as a reference, we presented draft animations to the client for approval.

Additionally, we composed a script, which our voiceover artist used to record voiceovers for each section of the video.

Finally, we seamlessly combined everything in After Effects and presented the final video to the client.

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