4K water sim and animation for a water treatment company

We were contacted by Workhouse Agency, seeking to produce an innovative and captivating shot for one of their clients, Gaffey Technical Services (technical experts in water treatment solutions).

The brief requested footage of a ballet dancer as the foundation of the shot. As the dancer performed her routine, a water spiral was to manifest around her. All to be rendered & delivered in 4K.

Upon completing a set number of rotations, the defining colours of their client’s product (the chloriDOS® system) would emerge, rotate, and merge with the water sequence.

We conducted intensive R&D sessions to prove the shot’s feasibility.

Initially, we used Blender to create the water sequence, designed to envelop a spherical path, evolving and shaping around the dancer. This involved multiple iterations until the client approved the water’s appearance, speed, and fluidity.

Next, we executed the removal of the dancer from the provided footage. This step enabled us to position her within the water vortex, utilizing her shadow for reflections within the water simulation.

Foreground and background versions of the water simulation were rendered, and in After Effects, we crafted a layered composition. This allowed the dancer to appear within the vortex, while colourful swirls revolved around her movements.

The final sequence became an integral part of the subsequent product video, complemented by additional shots and animations created by the VFX department at Workhouse Agency.

Gaffey Technical Services showcased the video, along with stills from the sequence, at the AquaTech Conference in Amsterdam.

The full video can be found below (Copyright: Gaffey Technical Services & Workhouse Agency)