How you gonna call???

Ghostbusters was one of the most iconic films of the nineteen eighties and my love affair for the characters, story and monsters have stayed with me since seeing it at the cinema, all those years ago.

With the release of reboot looming, I decided I wanted to recreate one of my favourite characters, Slimer.

Using 3DCoat as the main app, I sculpted his form in voxels and then worked on the detail using surface mode.

In the paint room I worked on getting his slimey look, for both his green skin and tongue.

To finish off the project, I took him into Lightwave 3D and rigged him (and his tongue) for animation.

We wanted to project the final animation onto a hallway backplate, to recreate the ‘He slimed me’ scene. Using the Slimer object as a particle emitter, we were able to produce a particle pass that would be used to distort the backplate and give it a further ghostly look.