Using CGI to create a statement piece

Following the harrowing and unjust murder of George Floyd and the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement, we wanted to create a piece that echoed the thoughts and voices of the protests in the US.

The Statue of Liberty was created to show a way to freedom, the path to Liberty, for immigrants entering the United States. Such a perfect setting to show people protesting about incidents of police brutality and racially motivated violence against African-American people.

Using 3DCoat we created the UV maps and texture painted a model of Liberty. We built the concrete and brick base using Lightwave 3D.

For the Black Lives Matter banner we used Blenders cloth simulator, so that it would give a more realistic look to how the banner would drape across the base.

The final scene was rendered using Octane Render for Lightwave, with comp and final grading done in DaVinci Resolve.