Modeling and Animation for an iconic brand

This project not only required close-up product shots, but it also needed an animated promo, showcasing some of the main features of the market-leading wet and dry razor.

We modeled this in Lightwave 3d, using already available reference and product imagery. The certain sections needed to move independently, we rigged the head mechanism so that it followed the direction of a null (pointer) and also allowed each independent head to react on demand.

For Lighting we used HDR Light Studio, a wonderful piece of software that allows you to easily create and edit HDR lighting from Lightmap This allowed us to ‘paint’ on pro lighting scenarios, so it was visible in the reflective materials.

UI and callouts were designed in Affinity Designer, all shots were rendered using Octane renderer and then comp’d inside of Da Vinci Resolve, specifically within the Fusion section.