My name is Optimus Prime

An VFX piece we created called “No time to argue” – Optimus Prime, in his final battle, gifts his spark to Bumblebee’s owner.

Optimus Prime: Sub-d modeled in Lightwave. UVd and texture painting in 3DCoat. Rendered in Octane. Post in Affinity Photo with comp in DaVinci Resolve.

138 textures (mostly 8k) inside of Octane Renderer.

Bumblebee, Starscream, Female Character and rock formation – all free assets, converted and textured in 3DCoat. Background and HDRI map from HDRI Haven.

Hi-res (non compressed) version: Final Battle – hi res

Big thanks to those who assisted with comments and direction throughout the design process.

Shot breakdown, character shots and wires are also shown.