Lynx Electrical and Security corporate rebranding

Logo design / Brand

Lynx Electrical and Security are a Yorkshire based company, with over 10 years’ experience in the installation and maintenance of electrical and security systems.

Lynx required a corporate rebrand, in which they wanted a fresh, up-to-date logo, pushing their brand awareness, first within the South Yorkshire region and then nationwide.

An initial meeting was arranged in which key details were incorporated into the design brief. Areas where the logo would eventually be used e.g., corporate clothing, vehicle branding and large advertising billboards, would focus and drive the design. Imagery of a lynx cat and some type of security camera were suggestions made by the client for inclusion in the logo.

Feedback meetings narrowed draft designs down to two potential finalists. The client requested visual evidence of how the logos would appear on vehicles and security bellboxes, before being able to make their final decision.

For the bell box images, RSL designs were required to reduce the colours used in the final version, down to only 5 main colours. With the final logo using gradients and blends, this wasn’t a easy task. The image to the left shows the bell box recoloured version.

The final logo is to be used on all Lynx Electrical and Security’s corporate stationary, workforce clothing, vehicle branding and any security equipment installed by the company.

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